Stephen Owusu

Stephen Owusu receives 2018 phase-one Winner: Phone Category Award

Stephen Owusu


Winner: Phone Category


I was born into a family of varied creatives which includes photographers but photography was never my thing even though I was a fun their work. My interest in photography started with me assisting one of my brothers on an evangelism project. 

At the seminar, he was so busy and therefore he gave me his camera to cover the show and take some pictures. The images came out very nice and everyone who saw them encouraged me to keep up. My brother started giving his camera to shoot at events because he was mostly busy due to either his position at church or his affiliation with the event organizers.

Prior to Ghana photography challenge, I only saw photography as one of the secondary avenues for job creation because of the orientation I had in relation to photography but it that took a 360 turn after I got the chance to interact with some renowned photographers in Ghana like Josephine Kuuire (Mumble Photography), Emmanuel Bobbie, Apag, Steve Ababio, and DextDee at the awards ceremony of phase one.

The challenge has opened my mind concerning the art of photography in its entirety. I have come to know that pictures can be make moments last a lifetime. It helped me to tell my story my own way and give people the chance to see the world through my lens.