Peter Ogbodu

Peter Ogbodu receives 2018 phase-one Winner: Camera Category Award

Peter Ogbodu


Winner: Camera Category


My interest in photography started from childhood when my dad bought a Kodak film camera which we used to take pictures of family outings and vacations. But when the camera got spoilt the interest faded a bit but it was still a big admirer of the work and art.

The passion for photography was rekindled when my Brother (Paul Ogbodu) introduced me to a DSLR and showed me a few pictures he had taken with it, in that moment something ticked within me and I said yes, I want to do this. And since then it has been a rollercoaster ride learning how to use cameras from YouTube videos and learning from people like Simon Peniel Dugbenya (BMC) and Michael Quansah (Four Thirteen Photography) and my Brother Paul Ogbodu. My brother started MegaMind Concept GH and we have been working together ever since.

I saw the Ghana Photo Challenge from my feeds on Instagram and decided to enter the phase one contest. My aim was to exhibit my work to the Judges and also to the public so they could see what I could also do.

So, I was walking with a friend in the market when we met the young girl and her mum and I decided to take a photo of her. I had to squat almost to the ground and when she saw my posture, she smiled and that was when I took the photo. I felt the picture I took matched the theme “Hidden Beauty” because the photo of the girl selling in the market under the hot sun, normally we wouldn’t see the beauty in her. But she smiled and that smile was a beauty hidden from most people because of the hustle and bustle of life.

My experiences with the Ghana Photo Challenge and meeting with the judges at the awards event, have taught me that there are so many approaches to tackling the creative process. You just have to find a way to express yours well with originality.

And thanks to the New York Institute of Photography for the scholarship award.  With this scholarship, I can further polish my craft and get to meet and interact with other photographers all around the world who will provide me with the right photography skills that will help me reach my goals.