Bismark Adjei

Bismark Adjei receives 2018 phase-one Runner Up: Camera Category Award

Bismark Adjei


Runner Up: Camera Category


My enthusiasm in photography started in India two years ago, when I was invited to attend an international conference by the Sathya Sai International Organization(SSIO) to assist the media team. I had no DSLR camera at then and all those I asked to lend me one failed before my departure. I spoke to an old friend "Vicky" in Mumbai who promised to help me get one when I arrive. We went to a canon shop and got a new canon 700d on my arrival. Vicky died few days after from dengue.

During the conference, I had the chance to shoot alongside great photographers from around the world and they really inspired me. Being very talented, I used the skills acquired from these famous photographers to my composites and produced captivating photos which were featured on many sites right after the conference. 

I first saw the Ghana Photo Challenge from Steve Ababio (Judge) Instagram page and decided to join the challenge to enable me share and tap knowledge from other creative guys. My image was captured during a hike when the tour guard grants us full assurance how safe it is to drink from the stream. I think my concept met the theme due to several display depicting natural beauty mantled. For example, the reflection of the boy, the stream (rare beauty) connecting to the source of another hidden beauty and the act of the boy carefully sipping from the stream they believe is endowed with so many unique abilities.

My experience in the Ghana Photo Challenge taught me that photos make readers understand the ideas or information they bring clearly even more clearly than written or oral words.

Ghana Photo Challenge who is set to offer photographers the power to move viewers with pictures which will convey far more than what words can express.