Sela Atitsogbui

Sela Atitsogbui receives 2017 grand-finale Winner Award

Sela Atitsogbui




My immersion into Photography started with Weddings which shaped my need for details and technical Finesse. I caught the photography bug during a church trip on an Easter monday picnic at the Stone Lodge Resort. I have never liked to join group activities on those trips and preferred to watch the ongoing activities.  I took shots on an old Sony Digicam my dad borrowed from school. 

My interest grew even more intense when I met Timmy of Team 1000 Words and we both took keen interest in gaining more knowledge in the field. I got my first camera in September 2011 with his help and from there I joined Kwame Pocho with Timmy. I then struck out and formed Pixslrate and I have been shooting for 6 Years now.

Photography in Ghana at the moment is in need of mentor and guidance body to educated both emerging photographers and the public. The number of numerous “bodies” on social media have done the job of identifying issues and the answers or remedies to our current problems and we all have to take that bold step and make a change happen.

I joined the Photography challenge at the last stage and when the results and finalists for the theme “Nonsense” were picked and I didn’t place it got me thinking about my approach. I deemed my image to be a winning entry but it was a lie in a sense. With the second chance I got a theme I could work with and went with a new approach. It was a fun healthy competition between fellow  artists who delivered on an equally good level.