Charles Alex Adamah

Charles Alex Adamah receives 2017 grand-finale Runner Up Award

Charles Alex Adamah


Runner Up


I am a visual story teller, my purpose is to Inspire, Motivate and Empower all who I come in contact with. This drives me to tell compelling stories through all the gifts and talents God has given me; Photography being one of them.

I have been into photography for six years with four being professionally. It all started when I failed my photography class in University and couldn't graduate with my batch. In the process of re-sitting for my photography class, my perspective changed and I saw it as a powerful tool to tell stories.

It was around that same time I met a friend, Kwame Pocho who encouraged me together with my then friend (now wife and best friend) I decided to pursue photography. I remember the first shot I did of my wife’s  earring  in her room during a visit. Her words drove me into a photographic realm and the rest as they say is history. As beautiful as the story is now, there's been some challenging moments that made me almost give up photography. One of them was loosing my laptop, part payment, flash and other camera equipment on my very first commercial wedding gig. I am glad I looked beyond it and stood still till now. Initially my parents were not too excited about me doing photography which leads me to share my thoughts on photography in Ghana.

The arts generally in Ghana is now seeing a new light, which is encouraging unlike at first. I personally think this has been made possible by social media. Artists are becoming bold, challenging and most importantly freely expressing themselves and the environment in which they are. Also groups or people that organize competition also help in 'liberating' artists, and I see Ghana Photo Challenge do that with Photography, others like kuenyehia are also doing great. The is so much in Ghana and Africa that the world is yet to taste.