Makafui Amezah

Makafui Amezah receives 2017 grand-finale Finalist Award

Makafui Amezah




I've been photographing for 3 years. My enthusiasm in photography started suddenly in my 1st year at Ashesi, after which I learned the basics and after a bit of training, went on the be the vice president of our photography club.

Today I run a design agency doing branding, design and tech development. It's my view that we have a lot more to explore in Ghanaian photography. For me, my line of work sort of forces me to treat my ideas like they were ad campaigns. And I'm beginning to see this kind of conceptual photography spring up. I am certain new talents will constantly bring in a new style to refresh the scene over the years. But I’m looking forward to getting well networked in the photography space and learning more to discover the kind of photographer I really am. The just ended photography challenge has been nothing short of that - learning, networking, discovery.