George Koranteng

George Koranteng receives 2018 phase-two Winner: Phone Category Award

George Koranteng


Winner: Phone Category


My name is George and I mostly practice drawing as my hobby. I started getting interested in photography especially phone photography when I first saw a smart phone camera focusing on a subject and creating a depth of field. I found it very interesting; "Really! A phone can do this?!" I could not afford a Professional camera so then my phone was the perfect tool to replace that. I feel more comfortable using the phone than the DSLR . The phone is handier and quick to capture any happenings although there are limitations to the phone. But I believe the phone can still perform magic!

The Ghana Photo Challenge organized by the Ghana Photography Community has made me gone the extra mile in terms of phone photography. This is a challenge and I am competing with different people across the country, it requires that I put in all my creative abilities and make good use of my artistic eye in order to take good and interesting pictures. I hope this photography challenge grows to become bigger and better in the next years to come.