Davina Erbynn

Davina Erbynn receives 2018 phase-two Winner: Camera Category Award

Davina Erbynn


Winner: Camera Category


Photography, is a fairly new passion of mine which I have tried my best to nurture over the past 2-3years. I discovered this from taking pictures of nature and other beautiful architecture. Thankfully, I had a phone with me at all times to capture and freeze these moments in time and this gave me a sense of fulfilment as well.

I shared this interest of mine with my friends, family and essentially anyone who would listen and as time went on I participated in some photo challenges and the Ghana photo challenge happened to be one. Albeit skeptical I entered the contest in its first phase under the theme “Hidden Beauty”. I enjoyed the hunt for the photo that best depicted the theme, however my entry that year failed to qualify for the next round of the competition. Unperturbed by this occurrence I waited patiently for the next phase and decided to try again and now here I am!

My winning entry this year is a photo of a Christian water baptism which occurred in my church. As Christians, this is a very important ceremony as it marks the spiritual rebirth of the individual. Upon hearing that this was going to take place I saw no better opportunity to get a shot that aligns perfectly with this year’s theme “New Beginnings”

It is my greatest honour to be the first female to win first place in this contest and I deeply appreciate the team at the Ghana Photo challenge for this platform to showcase my art and the opportunity to inspire other females in this field.