Hose Kakane

Hose Kakane receives 2018 phase-three Winner: Camera Category Award

Hose Kakane


Winner: Camera Category


My passion for creative expression began with a love of drawing, sketching and all things art. Having grown up in a home where a camera was always within reach (my dad was a student photographer), Photography was a creative outlet that soon became an all-consuming hobby from 2013. I learned to document what I see around me with honesty, a sense of thrill, adventure, and work in a way that's unobtrusive, creating a relaxed environment where I could capture the unguarded emotion and sincere interaction. Throughout this time, I have been fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects and collaborating with a team of rad people (Momento, Kwamena Som Team1000words).

I’d followed the Ghana Photography Challenge since its inception and had seen some of the amazing and awe-inspiring images from the talents and creatives we have in Ghana. To be honest, however, my journey and submission of the image entry was more an unplanned one. At the time of capturing the image, it was, for me, all about the expression of elation on the face of the kids as they jumped and played in the rain. Only upon reviewing the image back at home, that the theme for this year’s photography challenge “Street” came to me, and I submitted the entry.

There were lots of amazing images submitted for this phase and each had a right to win and to have emerged the ultimate winner, wow…indescribable…! 

The photography challenge presents not only an avenue for creatives to showcase their talent, but also an avenue to re-create a new and balanced narrative for us in Ghana and I believe every photographer out there should jump on and make it a success. 

I am also looking forward to the New York Institute of Photography course.  The Scholarship provided is one I am totally grateful for and will make the best of the opportunity given to enhance my skills and to also interact with the wider photography community.